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The Top Agricultural Commodities To Watch In 2024

Kassandra Bureau
Commodity Risk Assessor

Like a skilled surfer riding the waves, traders in agricultural commodities must adapt to an ever-evolving landscape. Understanding the market requires insight, knowledge, and a keen eye for what’s on the horizon. With that spirit, we turn our gaze to the future—the top agricultural commodities to watch in 2024. 

Understanding Agricultural Commodities: A Refresher 

At its core, an agricultural commodity is a product grown or raised on a farm. This definition encompasses various products, from grains like wheat and corn to livestock, to raw materials like cotton and wool. These commodities form the backbone of the world’s food supply, and their trade in local, national, and international markets influences global economies. 

The Role of an Agricultural Commodity Broker 

Navigating the choppy seas of agricultural commodity trading requires a skilled captain at the helm—that’s where agricultural commodity brokers come in. These professionals serve as the intermediary between buyers and sellers, analyzing market trends, advising on trading strategies, and ultimately facilitating transactions. 

A good broker does more than execute trades, though. At Agro Maritime Commodities, our brokers combine deep industry knowledge with a commitment to client service, helping traders make informed decisions that align with their goals. 

The Agricultural Commodities Forecast for 2024 

Forecasting the top agricultural commodities for the coming year is a challenging feat. It involves analyzing many factors, from climatic conditions and technological advancements to political landscapes and consumer demand trends. 

Predicting the commodities to watch in 2024 also requires an understanding of the uncertainties that might impact the agricultural sector. Unexpected weather events, shifts in global trade policies, or even changes in dietary trends can all have significant implications for commodity markets. 

Top Agricultural Commodities To Watch In 2024 

With all these factors in mind, let’s delve into the agricultural commodities set to take center stage in 2024. 


As a versatile crop with uses in animal feed, biofuel, and human food products, soybeans are consistently a commodity to watch. Emerging dietary trends favoring plant-based proteins will likely keep soybean demand high in 2024. 


As a staple food crop, wheat is a major player in agricultural commodities. With advancements in crop technology and shifts in global climate patterns, wheat is expected to see significant market activity in 2024. 


With growing global demand and potential challenges in major coffee-producing regions due to climate change, coffee is set to be a hot commodity in 2024. 


Cotton, a crucial crop for the textile industry, continues to be a significant commodity. Developments in sustainable farming practices and a renewed focus on natural fibers in textiles will make cotton a commodity to watch in 2024. 


Livestock, particularly pork, and poultry, is expected to see significant demand in 2024. Rising consumption in emerging economies and developments in sustainable farming influence this sector. 

How to Successfully Trade the Top Agricultural Commodities 

Having highlighted the top commodities to watch, it’s worth noting that knowing what to trade is only half the battle—the other half is knowing how to trade. 

Successful trading in agro commodities requires careful research, strategic planning, and risk management. It’s crucial to stay informed about factors influencing the market, from crop reports and weather patterns to geopolitical events and policy changes. A solid understanding of futures contracts, hedging strategies, and market indicators is also necessary. 

And that’s where an agricultural commodity broker can make a difference. At Agro Maritime Commodities, our brokers guide traders through the complex world of agricultural commodity trading, offering advice on market trends, risk management strategies, and trading techniques tailored to each client’s unique needs. 


So, as we set sail toward 2024, keep your eyes on soybeans, wheat, coffee, cotton, and livestock. These agricultural commodities promise exciting opportunities for savvy traders. But remember: successful trading in agricultural commodities is not just about spotting the right opportunities—it’s about making informed decisions, managing risks, and navigating market complexities with confidence and skill.

Agro Maritime Commodities

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