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A Wide Selection of
Agricultural Commodities

We specialize in agricultural commodities from our network growers in Asia, Canada, South America and the United States.

Our High-Quality Agricultural Commodities

When you order a bulk shipment of 12,500 or 25,000 metric tons from Agro Maritime Commodities, you can rest assured we will meet all the required specifications of your order. We use internationally recognized 3rd party labs to perform a series of tests that accurately confirm the quality, quantity and packaging specifications that were agreed upon for each shipment. This mitigates the risk of potential issues that can arise between product storage and pre-loading onto cargo vessels. We offer the following commodities:

Icumsa 45

No. 2 Yellow Corn

Corn Oil

Soybean Oil

Canola Oil

Sunflower Oil

Crushing Oil


Hard Wheat

Soft Wheat




White Rice

Brown Rice

Our Network of Experienced Growers

We are fortunate to work with a community of growers and suppliers from around the globe. With a large presence in Asia, Canada, South America and the United States, we are able to source virtually any agricultural commodity our clientele need. We perform in depth supplier audits to ensure their growing practices align with our values and meet our strict requirements. Not only do we want to encourage the growth of international trade for agricultural commodities, we want to do it in a fair and just manner.

Inquire About An Agricultural Commodity.

Fill out the following form if you want a detailed specification sheet on any of the commodities listed above. Don’t see the commodity you’re looking for? Select other in the drop down and we will research with our network of suppliers to see how we can help!