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The History of Agro
Maritime Commodities

Over the years, technological change has affected all aspects of the commodity trading industry. However, there has yet to be a major breakthrough connecting buyers and sellers. That’s where we come in.

Technological Advancement in All Areas but One.

International trade for commodities has an annual value of more than 1 Trillion USD. This has caused major technological players to enter the field resulting in large changes to the way the industry functions. The introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Electronic Data Interchanges (EDI) and Commodity Trade Risk Mitigation (CTRM) platforms has revolutionized supply change management and how information is processed. However, there stillremains a void with how buyers and sellers can connect to make commodity trades more accessible.

The Solution to Making Global Commodity Trades More Accessible

Agro Maritime Commodities is a full-service bulk supplier of agricultural commodities and the first corporation worldwide to offer an online auction for commodities. We are capable of handling all aspects of supplying a commodity from processing, cargo authentication, KYC due diligence and even financing.

Our years of experience supplying agricultural commodities across the globe and constant pursuit of simplifying the sales cycle, has led us to the next technological breakthrough in the industry. Our international team has developed an auction platform that will allow brokers to funnel buyers and sellers of agricultural commodities to a centralized location where risk mitigated trades can be facilitated.

The Agro Maritime Commodities Auction is the future of global agricultural commodity trades.

Our Partnership with Agro Merchant Bank

A major problem with global commodity trades is the rate at which documentary letters of credit are declined to corporations in emerging economies. Agro Merchant Bank has dedicated their operations to mitigating the risk of trade finance for commodity trades and increasing trade volume in emerging economies. We are proud to announce our partnership with them so we can offer a full suite of services to our clients and theirs.

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Located to Serve our International Client Base.

At Agro Maritime Commodities, we believe having a diverse team leads to a more efficient and innovative company. That is why our team is made up of talented individuals from a number of different countries, cultures and backgrounds. Although we have offices in only 5 countries our network of growers and suppliers has a much larger global reach!

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