New Crop Brazilian Sugar 2023! Now Available! Bulk loads only under contract $405.00 USD/metric ton. Spot at $450.00 USD.
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International Team

Each of our international offices serves a unique purpose. Please submit a contact form and we will direct your inquiry to the correct establishment.

Strategic Locations Around the Globe

International commodity trading requires a unique company structure with locations dispersed in many countries across multiple continents. Rest assured, this dispersion increases our effectiveness to communicate with clients in different time zones and allows us to serve you better. Our current office locations are in Canada, The United States, Brazil, Ghana and the Bahamas. Each office serves a unique purpose that supports the overall goal of providing more accessible commodity trades worldwide.

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Due to COVID-19, our team members are currently unable to visit growers, suppliers, and processing facilities outside of their home countries. This policy has been put in place for the safety of our team and clients. We will continue to monitor the international landscape regarding COVID-19 and make adjustments to these restrictions as we see fit. Thank you for understanding.
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