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Experts in Agricultural
Commodity Trades

We are pushing the boundaries of agricultural commodity trades through technological change and improving efficiencies in the market.

Agricultural Commodity Trades Made Easy

We know that international commodity trading is viewed as risky, costly and time consuming. That is why our team with over 3 decades of experience in the industry has developed systems to counteract these negative connotations. When you work with Agro Maritime Commodities, you can expect a more risk adverse approach, that takes less time and will cost less money. Our team has you covered from start to finish no matter the project. Our areas of expertise include the following.

Cargo Authentication

Historically, commodity trading has been associated with sleight of hand where products can be swapped or manipulated to turn a profit on black markets. We are experts at mitigating this risk and have developed standard operating procedures for testing each commodity using world renowned 3rd party labs. Our verification process ensures that quality, quantity and packaging specifications are met and both parties will be satisfied with the transaction.

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Commodities Supplier

We are full-service bulk suppliers of virtually all agricultural commodities available in the market. We operate our own inhouse commodity production facilities and also support a network of growers & 3rd party suppliers. Our supply chain reaches from North America all the way to Asia, allowing our team to fulfill your order specifications from a number of locations around the world. Learn more about the specifications of our commodities by visiting our commodities section.

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Supplier audits

With products that are eventually consumed by humans or animals, you must be certain that its origins are safe and humane. This can be difficult when the product comes from a grower in an emerging economy and is then transferred to a processing facility in a new country before heading to a port. We use our network of talented individuals in the industry to perform supplier audits with a strict verification process. So, we know each supplier we represent is compliant with our rules and regulations.


In the agricultural commodity industry, logistics involves the coordination of people, organizations and raw material for one deal to go smoothly. Our team has years of experience as external consultants helping properly execute transactions. From overseeing specific processing inefficiencies at factories, to refining entire supply chains, our team can help implement a logistics strategy for you.

Trade Financing

Trade Finance has no “one size fits all” approach and requires a great team make a transaction work. We had such great success with Agro Merchant Bank that we decided to vertically integrate to offer our clients more. Their team has access to documentary letters of credit from premiere banks in Canada & United States so we can finance your trade quickly. View all they have to offer by visiting their website.

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Agro Maritime Commodities Areas of Expertise

Agro Maritime Commodities is a full-service entity. We provide the commodity, cargo authentication, supplier audit service, logistics and financing from prime banks in Canada and the U.S.A. We can provide financing for inhouse commodities as well as for products supplied by third parties. We will handle strategic deployment of key UCP Rules to ensure proper execution is used to complete each transaction.

We are also proud to announce we are bridging the technological void that separates buyers and suppliers with the world’s irst online auction for agricultural commodities. This allows our clients to grow in a sustainable and controlled environment with little to no risk. Expand your operations into new markets with our online auction today.

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How We have Adapted During COVID-19

We are grateful to be able to keep our doors open and operation moving forward during these difficult times. We have implemented strict cleaning policies, social distancing rules, gathering restrictions and more to ensure we keep our staff and clients safe. We are also working with our 3rd party network to ensure they are meeting the safety requirements set by their governing body.

Additionally, we have set travelling restrictions for our staff and will update our clients when they are lifted.

Just like our auction is changing our industry with technology, we need to implement communication technology to change the way we do business. Our team is available to use any communication platform you are most comfortable with so we can continue to conduct business as usual. Thank you for your patience during these times, stay healthy.

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